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Book Direct Map – Get more guests direct to you and save commissions

A different kind of OTA, one utilising the power of Google and Maps – ‘Book Direct Map’

What is the ‘Book Direct Map’?

The book direct map is a simple to use online travel agency ‘OTA’ with a BIG BIG difference, it puts guests directly in contact with YOU the agency and holiday home owner.

The guests browse the map finding options that are suitable for them.  They can filter options based on location, price,  and size.

Once they have filtered the options, they get in touch with you directly to book instantly.

Find your next holiday via, the book direct map - Get the very best rates!!!

Generate more bookings for your holiday lets agency by implementing the ‘Book Direct map‘ into your marketing mix.

The map puts guests directly in touch with you based on the location of your holiday homes.

Signup by clicking this link

The more proactive you are with your marketing the better the clientele you will receive, the map will ensure that guests looking specifically to stay in your location have an easy way to find and book your properties.

To encourage more direct bookings, ensure you have the right PMS software running your business.

Read our amazing unbiased guide on ‘How to choose your property management software’

To learn more about ‘Book Direct’ movement, we recommend that you register for the 2020 ‘The Book Direct Show’, an amazing list of speakers to help you increase your direct bookings.

How much does the map cost?

A simple ‘Netflix’ style subscription, just £9.99 per month

What are the benefits of joining?

Get Seen. The Book Direct Map is a first of its kind and created by some of the industry’s brightest minds

Join the movement. Hundreds of Short Stay Accommodation Owners from around the world are spreading the word and putting the map in front of millions of people every single month. Join us and spread the word to earn rewards.

Get Access to Exclusive Educational Videos. What makes the Book Direct Map unique is that not only will we be promoting your business for you, but we will be sending you exclusive educational videos showing you how you can be proactive in getting new direct bookings with tried and tested methods that have brought in hundreds of thousands of pounds of revenue.

Social Media SortedThe First of its kind in the world of hospitality. Have access to your own in house copy and design team. 30 + fresh social media images every month for you to use on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.

This means you don’t have to sit there and waste hours thinking of engaging content to create for your business so that you can focus on running your business and know that you’re online presence is first class.

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