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What are guests looking for when booking accommodation online?

People booking accommodation online for their holiday tend to have particular requirements in mind. Exactly what these are will depend on who your visitors are and what they want from their holiday. As an agency or owner of a holiday rental understanding your guests enables you to provide the best service possible. Here are our top 4 services / amenities which rank highly amongst most customers.

1. Ease of travel

Good travel connections are essential for many guests, although the type of preferred transport may vary. Locations where there are good road, rail or bus links are often favoured amongst guest looking to explore the area. An airport nearby can be a bonus, particularly if the occupancy of the property is from international guests or business travellers.

If most guests are expected to arrive by car, parking is a necessity. Ideally, parking should be close to the property and in a secure area. If guests are likely to arrive by public transport, it is useful if attractions and amenities within walking distance. Beaches, shops and restaurants are all places many people would prefer to be able to reach without taking transport.

2. Communication & User Experience

When booking accommodation, excellent communication throughout the entire process is important for all parties. Guests value an agents or owners who responds promptly to any queries. Along with communication, a customers experience of using the website through to the booking process. Having a good experience of navigating the website and booking a property this will add to their overall satisfaction when booking online. This can lead to better reviews and boost your customer loyalty to gain repeat bookings.

3. Wifi

In this age of instantaneous communication, good wifi is a must. While some holidaymakers will be happy to “switch off”, 69% of guests booking accommodation will want access to the internet like they enjoy at home. This means that free wifi is a major attraction, for which people are unlikely to want to pay extra. Speeds for the internet can vary in rural areas, by highlighting this on any promotional materials it will cover you for any complaints regarding this service.

4. Holiday extras

Many visitors will appreciate something extra in addition to clean, comfortable and well-appointed accommodation. The ideal holiday extras will vary from person to person, but board games, gaming console, books, DVDs, a barbecue and a hot tub are perennial favourites. Small extras can add value to the experience of the guest , just like a hotel having fluffy towels and luxury toiletries these extras are always appreciated. If the property has a wood-burning stove, leaving a basket of logs is a thoughtful gesture.

It may help to consider the particular demographic to which a certain property is appealing. Families with children may be attracted by accommodation with a swimming pool or games room; while a couple booking accommodation as a cosy retreat might appreciate board games and a hot tub.

What are the benefits?

It’s the small things that often make the difference. As an owner or agency, the costs of the holiday extras are something to consider. If the property already has a hot tub it wouldn’t be unreasonable to charge a small cleaning fee to the guest.

By considering your target audience and what they would want; it can strengthen your marketing of the properties and your business. Which in turn can encourage guest to leave a positive reviews, which will help nurture repeat bookings.

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