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Guest Communication Mastery: Your Guide to Fewer Maintenance Calls and Happy Guests

My Top Tips on “How To Reduce Guest Maintenance Calls”

Do you hate having the same calls over and over again with the same guests?

If so… you need to read on and find out how you can provide even the most needy guest with everything they need without the need to call.

One thing to remember, you are in the hospitality industry so speaking with guests is paramount to your success, but the goal is that your calls should be to build rapport and trust giving them confidence to book their perfect holiday home.

So let’s look at the negatives, the cost of managing each and every guest on a one to one basis, firstly

I get it, you want to help as many guests as possible and you want to appear polite and courteous to each and everyone.  

HOWEVER you have to value your own time too.

Therefore the strategy you need to apply should be, how can I make my guests feel LOVED and COMFORTABLE within my Holiday Home(s) without them needing constant ONE TO ONE Phone calls?

The answer is simple but takes WORK, you need to ensure you provide helpful tips and guides for everything within each and every property.  

So here’s my top  7 top tips, for making your guests love you, your accommodation and your company:

1/ Email Communication

Ensure you feed guests with regular emails as their stay gets closer, The goal is to build excitement and set the right expectations.  You can build great rapport with your guests within the last 30 days, trigger your workflows like a countdown each day or week providing a new piece of information.

2/ Property Directions

Ensure your directions are idiot proof and are sent as soon as fully paid and then 2 weeks before and then 1 day before

  • Use Google Map co-ordinates
  • Use Step by Step directions i.e. Turn right as soon as you pass the ESSO Petrol Station (On Your Left Hand Side)
  • Use Photography on landmarks in the near vicinity

The key here is to make this part of the experience less stressful, the more stressed the guest is on arrival the more potential problems that will incur next.

3/ Key collection & entry to the property

Clear and concise “Key Collection” / “Entry Information”, How do they collect the keys, how do they gain access to the property.

4/ Property information packs

Provide a Digital Welcome Book for your guest, this should contain the following information

  • Property Address / Map
  • Directions to the property (Step by Step see above)
  • Photography of near vicinity
  • How To Guides (Gain Entry, Instructions for every Amenity)
  • How To Videos (Gain Entry, Instructions for every Amenity)
  • Local Restaurants
  • Local Events / Activities
  • Recommended Local Services

All of the above should be provided with your own personality and should be focused on making the guest feel important and LOVED

5/ Consistent and Quality Controlled Cleanliness

This is a biggie and a post in itself, but I don’t care how good the experience was from Booking to Arrival, if the property isn’t cleaned correctly, the GUEST is going to be upset at the least!

Have clear instructions on how your property should be cleaned and have a presentation of how each room should be presented to the guest.

Then I recommend using Google Forms and the cleaner will check each room that they have:

  1. A) Cleaned following the agreed process
  2. B) The room has passed the visible inspection and is identical to the staged presentation criteria

6/ Showcase your personality & build RAPPORT

Welcome your guests with a video!

Referring back to point 1, the more creative you can be with your emails you can build perfect ONE to ONE RAPPORT without the need of a phone call.  

Produce a welcome Video on why you love that property and what you personally recommend they try, a personalised video for every booking specific to their dates and party that’s perfect customer service right there!

7/ How can I guest contact you?

Make it as easy as possible for your guest to contact their point of contact who may be the Management Company, Housekeeper, YOU, Concierge Team or whoever you have as the responsible person for their stay.

By providing as much information as possible and yet showcasing that their dedicated contact is available for their call at any time, gives them the confidence and trust that you are there should they need you.  

If they don’t need you NO CALLS, if they do need you take the call and help make their experience great.

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