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Google – Our tips for your Holiday Rental Marketing

Google is an invaluable suite of tools for any business, to enhance your digital marketing and gain leads. With many different applications, we want share with you a few tips to make sure you are making the most of their apps.

Google My Business

Google my business is where you can manage your company information, display your opening times through to customer reviews. Here is how you can improve your listing to benefit your SEO:

– Get your listing verified. It can take time but will give you better results once processed. Note if you are making big changes to your current listing you will need to re-initiate the verification process.

– Fill out as much detail in the section and add a range of photos of your business, tag your images where possible when uploading them.

– Gather reviews via google to let your customer advocate your accommodation. Google added a new feature in April to translate reviews to native languages on devices.

– Make sure the links on your listing do not redirect, this can lead to a suspension of your account. Keep links and business phone numbers updated to avoid this problem.

Google Trips

Released in early October 2016 this new app allows customers looking to travel a way of centralising their holiday planning. From searching for days out to keeping all their travel reservations and information in one place. Suggestions on places to go eat, things to do or other travellers itineraries will show on the app based on the users location. 

What are the opportunities for businesses?
Currently there are only top 200 cities on the app for customers to search but outside of this google local listings through the my business section. Having reviews on your business listing will boost your search rankings to be higher in the app. To read more about Google Trips App here are some links to articles we have found useful:

– New Google Trips Mobile App Uses Gmail to Source Reservations, Recommendation.
– Google Trips: What are the Opportunities for Businesses?
– Google Trips is a killer travel app for the modern tourist

Google Analytics

This is a central point to gather all your analytic data, across your website and marketing activity. To get the most out of this platform, make sure your analytic tag is gathering as much data as possible when a user hits your website. Here are two areas which we think are important to help you map your customer journey:

UTM Parameters – When creating links to your website for your marketing activity make sure you are adding UTM parameters to gain insights and track the visitors hitting your website. This will help you attribute a booking to marketing activity.

Funnel Pages in Goals – Under the goal section in your reporting dashboard you can see a visualisation of the pages to achieve your set goals. Tracking your funnel to achieve your goals provides insights on when customers are dropping out or completing forms on your website.

There are many more optimisations you can make to your Analytics platform and My Google Business than mentioned in this blog. At I-Pro we understand that the data from your marketing activity and within your booking system is invaluable to make smart business decisions to increase your ROI.

For help optimising your Google toolkit send us an enquiry and we will be in touch!

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