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Our 5 top tips to increase visitors to your travel website

The world is becoming ever more reliant on the internet for its daily needs, and this is especially true when it comes to the travel industry. Customers now almost exclusively prefer to visit a travel website to cater to their needs, rather than a more conventional high street store. With all of these potential visitors looking for the right website to visit, we feel travel companies should follow these top tips to increase their website traffic.

1. Social Media

Engagement on social media is essential in the digital age, with more people using websites such as Facebook and Twitter than ever before. This provides travel companies an ideal way to engage with potential customers, and social media platforms are making it easy.

Setting up a Facebook page or Twitter account for your travel company will allow it to release engaging content that will increase visitors to your website. Both these sites will allow sponsored promoted content to post to tailored audiences, enabling your content to deliver a larger ROI. A strong social media presence will allow the company to get a sense of market interest, allowing you to tailor product to potential customers, thus making it more likely that the customer will visit the company’s website to find out more.

2. Customer Relations

Even in the digital age, good customer relationships will never fail to be important! Gaining a reputation as a travel company that looks after its clients will mean not just repeat customers, but new customers visiting the website through hearing about it. Consider including client testimonials on your website from particularly happy customers in order to showcase this. It can boost search rankings and provide more search visibility.

3. SEO

A website designed to make good use of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the best ways to produce organic traffic. The website should be as descriptive as possible, making use of the right keywords. For example, a travel website that doesn’t actually mention the word “travel” is unlikely to get much website traffic. Have lots of relevant high quality content on the website and it will increase your search engine page ranking (SERPs). Making it easier for your visitors to find your website when they search.

All websites designed by I-Pro are SEO friendly to give you the best chance at your website being high ranking in search engines. Our skilled team can help you increase website traffic with SEO optimisations. To chat more about what we can offer you please call us on the number below.

4.  A Responsive Website

Customers have a plethora of ways to view a website. A site should be designed in such a way to be attractive no matter what kind of device it is viewed on. If a potential visitor views a website that hasn’t been properly configured to their device, chances are that they will leave that website fairly quickly.

5. Email

A strong email marketing campaign can be an effective way to generate organic traffic to your website. While recipients would be irritated to receive what they view to be spam, an attractive email with worthwhile content such as an enticing deals might just make them more likely to visit your website. Check out one of the many available HTML email packages to make the whole process even easier!

Our team are skilled to help you increase traffic to your website. Give us a send us a message or call to find out more +44 (0)1380 819474.

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