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Mobile apps for your vacation rentals

Run your vacation rental business with ease with one of these mobile apps. As technology advances it allows for the traditional work office to become more mobile. Having apps and software which can support the business on the go will enable you to manage your properties where ever you are. Here are five fantastic apps that you can use to make managing your bookings with the utmost ease.

1. iPro Software

The iPro booking management system allows you to manage your holiday rental business on the go. The mobile responsive online booking platform gives you all the functionality you need to manage enquires through to reservations. Integrate your email communication within the system and respond to your guests where ever you are. The system is mobile responsive so will work on which ever mobile device you work off.

2. Magicplan

Including a floor plan on your online profile is a great way to show that you take a professional approach to the rental business. The Magicplan app enables you to create a high quality digital floor plan of your holiday rental with just a few taps of your smartphone’s touch screen. The floor plans you create using this app will also be useful when looking to redecorate or buy new furniture.

3. YourWelcome

It’s the little touches that can make all of the difference for the guests in your rental property, and YourWelcome really helps with this. This tablet enables you to create a comprehensive, attractive welcome book for your guests. All kinds of information, including details about the house, examples of great places to visit and contact numbers can be stored on the device.

4. Handy

Once your satisfied guests leave, there is still work to do. Organising a professional cleaner to quickly get your rental property ready for the next guests and (though hopefully this isn’t the case) hiring a plumber or handyman to sort out any repairs are just two of the appointments that people in the vacation rental business need to deal with on a regular basis. Handy is an app that enables you to book a trusted local cleaner, plumber, handyman or electrician in the blink of an eye, taking the stress out of this particular aspect of running a vacation rental business.

5. Criton

Looking for a digital guest book which your guests can download before getting to your property. The Criton app allows you to easily create and publish your own white label apps. An easy CMS system allows the business to create the digital guest book app within hours. There are many prebuilt features allowing you to upload ‘how to’ videos for the property through to directions. This app allows your business to provide an extended customer service and show

Get your apps ready

Having an armoury of mobile apps on your phone or tablet can make everything much more efficient this will truly increase your success as a property manager. Download a few choice apps today and you will quickly notice the difference. Take the stress out of renting to holidaymakers in a flash. Go digital with these mobile apps and run a whole business no matter where you are from your mobile phone.

If you’re looking for a new booking management system, book a demo today! Let us show you the benefits of managing your holiday rental business on the go.

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