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Give your new website a boost with our SEO checklist

Holiday rentals is a competitive market where a website can be a big factor in attracting guests to book. When getting a new website SEO optimisation is important to consider as it will help give the website traffic when it first launches.

Laying down the best SEO practices in place can pay off as the company grows. For new websites, proper SEO ensures that individuals searching for the company’s name are able to discover the new site. This will also assist the users looking for holidays and rentals to find their desired locations more easily. Here is a SEO checklist for your new website.

Pick a keyword for each page on the new website

When a business decides to build a new website, it is essential to do some keyword research. One should create a perfect list of keyword traffic and put them in URLs and the pages of the site. The Meta descriptions and the pages titles also require to be taken into consideration. One should remember to include all the necessary keywords in both the Meta descriptions and the pages title. This is one of the major things to do when doing page optimisation. It has a great impact when people are tracking their ranking.

Site Accessibility

Businesses should ensure that their content and pages are accessible to crawler bots. Google Search Console or Moz can be used for this basis. The platforms should scan the pages to make sure that the crawlers can be able to index the website.

The website must be assessable through the multiple platforms such as, browser, mobile to all the users. Also, the website must be in a position to load faster from all the tools and browsers. The design, the visuals and the User Experience (UX) must be appealing to the customer. A good user experience will help you rank higher in search engines.

Change the settings

When setting up a new website, it will need analytics and tracking systems. This involves a variety of features and services such as uptime tracking, remarketing and web analytics .One can use Google free apps to track your site. Also, before launch you will be required to set up business social profiles. The team at iPro suggest before launch you set up the following accounts:

Google Analytics
Google Websmaster Tools
Bing Websmaster Tools

When the new website has reached 100+ visitors per day you can consider heat map tracking to look at where guest navigate and click on the site. The information from heat mapping software will allow you to optimise the new website to provide the best user experience. We recommend Sumo or Hotjar when you are ready for this step.

Do some linking

Links are crucial when launching a new website. For one to rank higher, it requires a lot of social media references and digital relationships to the businesses content. The company should reach out to other site owners and request them to write about their website. The content written by the external business or blogger must be high quality. Any existing links to your old website from quality content would need to be updated, examples would be travel related websites, local publishers and guest bloggers. Updating these links with the new domain will give the new site a boost.

A linking strategy is very important when doing search engine optimisation for a new website since it will assist in the ranking.

The content

Finally, start writing all the contents targeting your audience. Use the words in the keyword research. Also, the company should ensure that the content written is of high quality.  By having unique content this will enable you to rank higher when travellers are looking for holiday accommodation. Content ideas for your new site could include a travel guides, descriptions about the local area of your properties through to a blog.

SEO Resources from Moz

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Online marketing and SEO in particular will really help grow your businesses online presence. Your website is the centre point to showcase your properties to potential buyers. In having a high ranking website you can rely less on paid advertising and choose when to spend money in this field. As such, consider the above SEO tips for a new website and create a successful new website.

If you are looking for a new website or SEO help and advice for your business give us a call on +44 (0)1380 819474 or send an enquiry.

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