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Are you ready to start hiring staff?

Once your business has got far enough off the ground, it is natural to start thinking about hiring staff. Having more people around is a sure fire way to make jobs easier, and to accomplish your tasks quicker. However, there are things you need to consider first. There are a number of steps to the recruitment process that too few people consider before leaping head first into the employment market. This blog post will explain how best to approach hiring, and how to make sure it works out for you.

When is it the Right Time?

The first thing to consider is whether you really need to hire anyone. Many people intrinsically feel that having employees makes their business more successful. However, as an employer, you have certain responsibilities towards your staff. Make sure you can match these first. Only think about the recruitment process when you simply cannot do everything yourself. If you are turning away business, or have identified a new way to make money that you cannot do by yourself, it is possibly time to hire someone.

Otherwise, you can look at contract or temporary staffing options to help ease the workload. There are many online platforms which you can use such as; Upwork or PeoplePerHour. These platforms allow you to send specific jobs to skilled contractors to complete. Another route to hiring temporary staff would be through a recruitment agency this can be a great way to find out if another person in the office makes a difference.

How Do I Hire Staff?

Hiring staff is easy, once you have identified exactly the sort of person you want, and exactly the role they will be carrying out. Creating a thorough job description is an excellent first step. Decide what you need to be done, and who can best do it. Including this in your job advert specifies to potential employees exactly what you are looking for. It also makes interviewing potential candidates easier. If you already know who you want, you will recognise them when they walk through the door. Once you have the right candidate, you need a contract. The law states that you need to have provided a written contract of employment within 2 months of their start.

What Changes Should I Make?

You should never be afraid of change in your business, and hiring staff will undoubtedly bring some changes. Recruitment usually requires you to create new structures and ways of working. It might be useful to create an ‘employee handbook’, regardless of how many staff you have recruited. This puts into words exactly the way the business works, and codifies the relationship between employer and staff. It also helps to protect your business in case a claim is ever brought against you in court.

After Recruitment

After you have hired your staff, there are a number of legal changes you may have to make. These include registering as an employer with the government, and ensuring that you meet all legal requirements, such as being insured, providing holiday and leave, and ensuring your working environment is safe.

Maximise your teams productivity by providing training on your business and any specialised software. The new team will benefit from having a greater understand about your company and customers. As a new leader delegation of tasks will be key, once the staff are fully trained this will give you the time to continue growing the business.

Having extra staff can revolutionise your business, and is often the first step to major expansion. Becoming an employer can be the first step to making the most of your business, and can change your life for ever.

Finding the right people takes time, when your ready we have training materials to help with training.

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