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Synchronising Prices Across Sales Channels - Avoid Common Pitfalls

Warning: Price Errors Ahead! Why You Can’t Afford to Skip the Checks

Price Panic? Stop the Chaos when Synchronising prices across sales channels.

Navigating the complexities of multiple sales channels can be daunting. While our Property Management System, iPRO, streamlines much of the process, key nuances often go unnoticed, leading to pricing discrepancies. This guide will show you how to master these challenges and ensure your pricing strategy is executed flawlessly across platforms.

iPRO Does the heavy lifting: But don’t drop the ball on details!

The integration of property information and pricing across platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo, and is significantly simplified using iPRO’s channel manager. This system is designed to handle the heavy lifting—updating and distributing property details efficiently across your chosen sales channels. However, the automation of such processes, while time-saving, isn’t foolproof due to the unique demands and ongoing changes of each sales channel.

Cautionary Tale: Bungle Could Cost You!

Consider this scenario: an agent updates the nightly rate of a property to include a premium for short stays using the LOS pricing model. iPRO promptly communicates this change to the Channel Manager, which in turn, disseminates the new pricing across all connected sales channels. Although this sounds straightforward, complications can arise, such as a channel like not recognising the updated pricing due to a mismatch with its internal pricing model requirements. Without manual intervention to adjust the pricing model on’s control panel, the new prices will not be activated.

Never assume everything is correct!

This example highlights why, despite the efficiency of iPRO and the Channel Manager, manual checks remain indispensable. Agents must regularly verify that the prices displayed on sales channels accurately reflect the updates made in iPRO. These checks do not need to be time-consuming; they simply need to be thorough and occur whenever changes are made.

Final checks: The simple habit that protects your profits.

iPRO’s Channel Manager does a remarkable job of distributing your property information and managing pricing across various platforms, handling the bulk of operational tasks. However, to ensure that your properties are marketed correctly and competitively, it is crucial to conduct manual checks. These checks are the final, essential step in safeguarding against pricing errors and ensuring your properties are presented as intended.

Quick checks for big wins: Why your vigilance pays off.

Implement this small but critical habit of verification after changes—it’s a simple step that maintains control over your pricing strategy and stops those nasty surprises.

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