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I-Prac is a global trust and accreditation

The Power of Accreditation – Build Your Direct Bookings With I-Prac

The Global Membership Platform for Certified Short-Term Rental Professionals

I-PRAC is a global verification and membership platform that certifies professional short-term rental agencies and property owners. Our approval certification is recognised by travellers and industry professionals worldwide, and sets our members apart from fraudulent operators.

The short term rental market continues to go from strength to strength, however there are forces which threaten its existence.

The OTAs such Airbnb and are driving up prices with their commission charges and taking that money away from the local community.

While fraud threatens the entire industry as a whole.  But now the SME agency has the perfect solution to give consumers that all important trust and confidence.

By becoming an I-PRAC member you are highlighting to your guests the importance of ‘Booking with Confidence’.  Respectable and professional agencies will always look for ways to help their guests and we at iPro believe the I-Prac accreditation scheme is the perfect solution to a frightening crisis within the industry.

Fraud is not only stealing money from the sector but destroying people’s dreams, it is selling something that doesn’t exist. The more it impacts people the more people will revert back to hotels.

Which is why iPro is proud and honoured to support a programme that addresses this problem and gives both guests and the Agency protection.

COVID-19 opportunity, get 12 months free of charge using the following code IPRO20 . 

Signup today – I-Prac Rental Fraud Accreditation 

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I-PRAC Press Release

I-PRAC Information Pack

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