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What to include in your travel guides?

Using travel guides to highlight the regions of your holiday rental properties, can show your customers ideas for places to visit through to the types of activities available. When customers are searching for a holiday having a guide about the area can help pursued them to choose one region over another.

Digital guides on your website can provide SEO benefits as well. With relevant content related to your properties it can increase your organic search rankings. There are also opportunities to monetise the guides with special discount to local business or being able to offer holiday extras for the attractions you advertise. With the potential of this content having a great impact for your business and influence you audience. What is best to include in your travel guides? Here are our thoughts …

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The overview

Start with a brief summary of the area including interesting facts through to the main cities / towns in the region. If there are award winning beaches or historic locations which are unique to the area mention them. This overview needs to sell the location to your audience and make them click or read more in the guide.

Topics to cover

Travel guides can be made up of many different elements of the holiday here are some suggestions:

–  Where to stay
–  Places to eat & drink
–  Things to do
–  Local / Seasonal event
–  Climate –
–  Activities to do
–  Transport links & services

Structuring the content with clear navigation will help your customers find what they are looking for easily. Give the customer descriptions on each topic and provide links or contact details on where to find out more information. Listing your holiday rental properties in each region with booking details reinforces the choice you have to offer customers. In our system when creating digital guides you can link search results for all your properties in the region.

Images / Maps

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

To break up the text place images related to the topics you are showcasing. Taking your own professional images can benefit the SEO of your website along with giving you lots of content to share on other marketing channels. A map of the region with your properties on, provides a real understanding of how well the property is situated to attractions near by.

The personal touch

Write guides which target the audience you are wanting to reach like family or couples, this will show you have a real understanding of your customers. Suggestions on local walks through to thematic tours / itineraries can inspire your guests to enquire and book these extras through your business. Within the guide offering recommendations based on experiences by yourselves or guests gives a personal touch for customers to relate too.

Finally, the content in the guides will need to be updated regularly as the area changes. The region may have a anniversary year or an international sports tournament in 20XX. Being concise in writing the content will allow you to direct the customer to another website for more information. This will make sure you have quality content and help save time when updating the travel guides.

Want to create digital travel guides on your website?

Our website templates allow you to easily create travel guides for your property locations. Send us a message or call to find out more +44 (0)1380 819474.

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